Addicted to Chiropractic

And to all of you who are worried about getting “addicted” to chiropractic. I say, “Do you do yoga?” “Yes,” you say. “You probably don’t stop with just one class, right?” Me again. “Doing it regularly makes you feel good. Same thing with adjustments.”

Here’s why. Each time I adjust you, I’m telling your body to stay that way. It’s like learning a new skill, similar to learning parallel parking (i.e., me: I needed extra lessons but now I am an excellent parallel parker).

We all have certain holding patterns that our bodies are used to being in. But sometimes, they just go out of alignment. My work is hands-on to relieve any discomfort and put you back in alignment. It might take one adjustment, or it might take more. Everyone is different.

Fact is, lots of people have misconceptions about how much chiropractic care they need. There are stages of treatment, i.e., urgent care – you’re in pain, maybe you need to come in today AND tomorrow; rehabilitative care – we’ve got the situation managed, now maybe a few times a month will keep it managed; and maintenance, where you come in regularly but less often.

Musicians aren’t addicted to practicing their instruments. They play regularly to stay in top form. Dancers aren’t addicted to dance class. They just need to stay mobile, strong and flexible. Both body and mind require regular attention, after all, and chiropractic is one form of attention. Want some? Why not set up regular appointments and see how you feel? To that, I say, “Let’s try it!”