Get your yah-yahs out

A patient comes in with an injury and asks, “When can I start exercising again?”
Now to me, exercising right after I’ve adjusted you–especially if you’ve hobbled into my office–is like putting a big fat handprint on a freshly painted wall.
I’m all for exercise–I do it myself (and on a fairly regular basis, too).
But when you’re injured, you need to lay low for awhile before you start up your routine.

Otherwise, you run the risk of re-injury and we’ll have to start treatment from the beginning. But sometimes you just need to get your yah-yahs out. I understand. You need it more for stress relief than a toned bum. To that I say, if you’re improving and stabilizing, by all means, get your yah-yahs out.

Modify your workout:

  • If you run, do a 18-20 minute walk-run interval.
  • If you love barre classes, try one-on-one Pilates.
  • If you love yoga, do a couple of sets of sun salutations and 3 of your favorite poses.
  • Try swimming or taking a walk–not a power walk.
  • Limit whatever you choose to 25 minutes.

Eventually you’ll be back to your (new) self and back to what you love to do. Want more ideas? Ask me! I’m full of good ideas. What do you do when you’re on an exercise hiatus?