Who goes to the chiropractor?

My clients are so awesome. Meet Julie Babin ofwww.juliebabindesign.com and a fantastic client.

Q. What do you do for a living?
A. Residential Interior Design.

Q. How long have you been going to the chiropractor?
A. Since I was 6 months old.

Q. Why do you go?
A. I use chiropractic as the main form of keeping in good general health. I go once a month for what I like to call “a tune up.”

Q.  How does it make you feel?
A.  It always makes me feel lighter, and I move more fluidly.

Q. What else do you do to stay healthy?
A.  Love to eat healthy, tons of dark leafy greens and clean lean protein.  Also acupuncture once a month. Yoga, Pilates and dance three to four times a week keep me strong.

Q.  Want to share a favorite health tip?
A.  Kombucha! I drink one every day. It takes away any sluggishness, headaches, belly aches. It’s a cure-all for me.