Practical Ergonomics

We know how important it is to have an ergonomic work station at your office. But what happens when you work a couple days (or more) at home, where we rarely have an ideal ergonomic set up?

Here is some practical advice to keep your body healthy and happy when working from home:

The most important thing is not to stay in any one position for more than 50 minutes.  Moving into different scenarios keeps your body in different positions so it doesn’t settle into any (potentially harmful) patterns. For example, if you like to work from a certain comfy chair with your laptop, that’s fine, but don’t let it suck you in for hours. Set a timer for 50 minutes, and when it goes off, switch locations. Try using your kitchen counter as a makeshift standing desk. After another 50 minutes, move to your kitchen table. 

When you change location, take a few minutes to walk the stairs in your building or to take a walk around the block. Getting the blood flowing helps keep your muscles loose, and has the added benefit of quieting and focusing your mind.

Every hour or two, get on the ground (a yoga mat or rug is great) and do some spinal twists, hug your knees to your chest, or just stretch and roll around however feels good to you. If you’d like some simple exercises to target specific sore or tight areas, check out my YouTube channel