Why would someone visit a chiropractor?

Christopher: Most people understand that chiropractors treat neck pain, back pain, and headaches. But many of our patients have also found chiropractic to be helpful in improving their posture, flexibility, sleep, and athletic performance. Sometimes they’ve seen positive results experienced by a co-worker, family member, or friend. Often they have tried traditional methods of care and want to pursue a more holistic approach to health.

Helaine: I agree that pain is the most common motivator for people to come see us. On that front, I encourage people to see us sooner rather than later. If something lasts longer than two days, it’s more than muscular—it’s structural or neurological, and that’s where we can help. After we get people out of pain, we both have a strong wellness practice. For instance, one of my patients likes to see me every two weeks, as kind of a regular tune-up. It’s part of what he’s determined is his perfect trifecta of getting an adjustment, getting acupuncture, and getting a massage. 

What makes you different from other chiropractors?

Christopher: Our patients help define our purpose. We wouldn't have a practice without them. As such, we try to make a personal connection with every patient, helping them to relax and feel at ease. We don't want to hurry or rush anyone. Our patients leave our office knowing that they have been seen, heard, and treated with their best interests at heart.

Helaine: I’ve had people tell me we make healing fun. Once you walk through our door, you don’t want to leave. We want you to feel like you’re welcomed into our home. I also text my patients to check in on how they're feeling and frequently send follow-up emails with ideas for how to address a particular issue we discussed. 

Helaine Shpritz Christopher Arroyo

How did you meet and decide to work together?

Christopher: Helaine and I met in 1994, while attending Life Chiropractic College West. We had mutual admiration and respect for one another from the beginning. Coincidentally, we grew up ten miles from one another in Baltimore and both attended the University of Maryland at College Park for undergrad. After working as independent contractors from 1997 to 2000, we decided to start a practice together—Arroyo and Shpritz Chiropractic was born in 2001.

Arroyo Shpritz Chiropractic

Do you share a philosophy or way of working?

Helaine: Our philosophy is treating people kindly, professionally, and honestly. We don’t put people on a standard program. Everyone needs something slightly different so we create a treatment specially for them. Three people from the same office could come see us and each person would have a completely different treatment.If we feel like a patient needs another form of treatment,we refer to other specialists as well.It's all about the individual. 

Christopher: We also share the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself (within reason) if nerve interference is removed. The techniques we use are hands-on with the primary goal of improving muscle balance, joint mobility, and the function of the nervous system. We both believe that regular adjustments allow people to live healthier lives. 

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What is your favorite thing about your work?

Christopher: The best part of my work would have to be the changes I see in my patients: the brightness, the encouragement, the change in mindset, and the smile. It really gets me excited to walk into my office every morning.

Helaine: Everyone just gets lighter and brighter. I feel like every day, several times a day, I really experience job satisfaction. It's so satisfying to make a difference every day.