"There are so many ways to feel better. My goal is to find what works for my patients—chiropractically and beyond."

Helaine Shpritz Chiropractor


From a young age, I have been interested in taking care of my health and, as a result, exercised healthful habits throughout my teenage years. I earned a degree in kinesiology and dance at the University of Maryland, and afterwards, I ran my own successful business as a personal trainer. During that time, I also consulted at the White House Athletic Center, danced professionally, and instructed exercise classes. I was 25 years old and worked out five hours a day. I felt unbreakable until I got injured.

Eventually, after trying traditional therapies, I turned to chiropractic treatments, which relieved my pain without drugs. Through that transformative experience, I discovered a new life path; I enrolled at Life Chiropractic College West to become a chiropractor. 

My own health experiences have taught me that what helps is as individual as your fingerprint. Consequently, my consultations and further discussions with clients go beyond just back health. We talk about stress levels, diet, exercise, squat technique, and even shoes. That way my client and I can discover what works best for him or her. I live to uncover the reasons why my patients are in pain. Symptoms are the starting point, and I work methodically from there to relieve pain and start the healing process.

There are so many ways to feel better, so I like to incorporate several chiropractic techniques, rehabilitative exercise such as kettle bells and strength training, muscle work, and mindfulness to help my patients. I like to work as gently as I can while still being effective.

In addition to working with patients who suffer from temporary and chronic back pain, I enjoy working with expectant mothers. I have quite a few pregnant clients, and I’ve found that adjustments can make positive changes in those months, as well as easing the delivery. I’m a mother of two boys, Nico and Ari, so I know!

Currently, I work in San Francisco Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.