"There are so many ways to feel better. My goal is to find what works for my patients—chiropractically and beyond."



 I love to make the process of healing fun. My patients inspire me to learn more and explore more ideas and ways of thinking. There is no one-size-fits-all approach because health is as individual as your fingerprint. I’m here to help you feel lighter and brighter in your body.

I want people to leave feeling they play a big role in their own healing because that’s my own experience. After I sustained an injury as a professional dancer, chiropractic treatment was the only lasting relief I found. And that’s why I became a doctor myself. In practice since 1997, I see clients from teens to retirees in both San Diego and San Francisco. Even my husband and two sons count on me to keep their spines healthy.

I use several different modalities, including muscle work, cupping,
gentle chiropractic adjustments and breath work. In fact, exercise is an important support for my treatment, so you may find yourself stretching, crawling on the floor and moving more. Our sessions should empower you, not make you feel reliant. Let’s
work together so you learn to take care of yourself in better ways.