You are really the best judge of what is right for your body. I had a discussion with one of my long time patients about eating and what I thought about fasting. Seems like everyone I know, including my husband, is doing some form of intermittent fasting. I’m using this as an example but you can really apply this to many things. Whether it’s fasting, HIIT workouts, deadlifts (which I love), hot yoga, bulletproof-style coffee, anti-leptin diets, barefoot running, keto diets, triathlon training…have I missed anything? The point is, what’s right for you? I know it seems like common sense but sometimes we need to go back to basics and hear it over again. What does your inner voice tell you?

Does it call to you?

Does it make sense to you?

Does it feel right for you?

Does it fit your lifestyle?

Intermittent fasting works well for my husband but not so much for me. I’m intrigued by it and can see the scientific reasoning behind it but at my core, I’m not a good candidate for it. I kept trying to do it but knew that it would trigger some unhealthy patterns for me. Then it dawned on me to just listen to that little voice in my head and follow her. I love doing deadlifts and have many friends that absolutely do not like them.

Do what works for you, not what works for someone else.